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Privacy and cookie statement - Rainboo

Privacy and Cookie statement

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What about my privacy at Rainboo?

    We are committed to provide you with the most accurate and relevant precipitation and weather updates, in order for you to make informed decisions and plan your daily live. This means that in some cases we need your information (i.e. location). But we do not just do that. In the end for us it is all about you. That is why below we explain how we deal with your privacy.

  • Why should I give my consent to place cookies?

    Rainboo uses cookies to provide you with the best user experience. For example, your favorite locations are stored in a cookie. Therefore, you do not have to set your location(s) each time. In other words: the use of cookies makes Rainboo much more user-friendly!

    Besides that, cookies are also stored for the analysis of the use of Rainboo. These are general data. With this information we can further develop and improve Rainboo.

    Users do not have to pay to use Rainboo. It is a free service. To ensure that all developers and meteorologists, including all other costs arising from the business operations, are paid, we place advertisements on our website and in our apps. Here we receive money from advertisers. In order to be able to show ads that are as relevant as possible, we keep track of profiles of the expected interests of our users. The content of the banners is adjusted based on these profiles
  • Which parties can place cookies

    Third parties, such as advertisers and social media networks, have the option to place tracking cookies or to follow your website visits if you surf to websites outside the Rainboo network and thus be able to display personalized advertisements.

  • Can this data be removed?

    There are different types of cookies. In some cases, cookies are automatically deleted when you close your browser. In other cases, these cookies will be retained for a longer period of time and can also be read during the next use of the service. You can delete your cookies yourself in the settings of a web browser. For more information, send a message to [email protected].

    Location data
    Your location data is collected to make optimal use of our location-related weather functions. We store this data for 5-8 months and the data is deleted after the period mentioned.

    What personal information does Rainboo collect? Do you want more information about personal information collected? Click here for the Privacy Policy of Rainboo. Or contact us via: [email protected].

    If you want to know more about our general user conditions, click here for the Terms of Service of Rainboo. Or contact us via: [email protected].

    If you want to know more about our privacy and cookie statement, Click here for the Cookie statement of Rainboo. Or contact us via: [email protected].

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