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The rain animation on the map and the raingraph show in realtime if it will be raining in Alexander Bay in the coming 2 (default) or 3 hours and if it has rained in the last hour.

Hourly weather for Alexander Bay

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Rainboo brings the weather close to you

Rainboo brings the weather close to you, with a strong focus on rain. For Northern Cape and Alexander Bay , but also every other location in South Africa by filling in your location in the searchbox on the map.

Zooming in on the map shows the rain, the wind and the temperatures for Alexander Bay in detail.

By combining several available weather data sources, Rainboo aims at being the most relevant and accurate weather platform for South Africa.

Rainboo: A rainboo is essentially surprise rain, that creeps on you unaware.

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5 day weather forecast for Alexander Bay

14 day forecast